What our clients say

Thank you so much, Stef – 5 years ago this was a dream when I first met you at Baliza. I couldn’t afford it but I knew one day this day will come. Thank you for guiding me through this process. I still can’t believe it. 🙌🏽❤️

Eugene Ndlovu | Bellcanto

Thank you, Stef. Oh wow! Thank you so much for making this possible for us. Thando and I now have a masterpiece of a home. I am glad we came across you in 2020 when we did. You are truly talented at what you do. Stay blessed!

Portia Mhlongo | Bellcanto

I have had the pleasure of Stef Fourie’s guidance in my search for my dream home for nearly three years now. While this may seem an unusually long period of time for such an endeavor, please know that it in no way reflects poorly on Stef’s expertise, but rather stands testament to his patience and faithfulness as a realtor. While I have struggled through an acrimonious divorce, his advice and assistance has been invaluable, and his kindness and obvious heart for my best interests have been the greatest comfort.

I have little doubt that without Stef’s aid I would not have the home I do today. I cannot express my gratitude enough.

Heather Webb | Rocalla

“Happy Monday Victor, I trust this note finds you well. Please allow me on behalf of my family to extend our gratitude and sincere appreciation to you and your team for the work you have done as a result of the flood in our garden. Many thanks for the time and effort in assisting us to address this big challenge. At this stage, all looks well and we are busy with new garden concepts for the affected areas. Take care and have a fantastic week ahead.”

Christian | Stonemill

We have moved into our home and are settling in nicely. I just wanted to say a heartfelt thank you for convincing me to buy. Mandla was on board not long after we met and I needed some convincing. I believe that we made the right decision. It was like you said, “ Once we come to Rocalla, we would not go anyone else. We would look no further”.

It was such a pleasure dealing with you. You were so responsive and quick and willing to help. I am sure you treated all your clients the same and I’m convinced you could sell ice to an Eskimo. 

Thank you so much for your professionalism, kindness, and authenticity.

Alicia and Mandla | Rocalla

“We would like to express our gratitude towards Stef and all the VTC staff. It has been a real pleasure to deal with him and the team. Thank you for always listening and enduring our worries and concerns. Always there to help and provide guidance. Our home is beautiful, thank you for our gifts.”

Karenza & Faizel | Rocalla

“Thank you Romey for supporting and holding our hand in getting our perfect home 🏡 You’ve made this an easy process from beginning to end. Thank you for being ever so accommodating to our questions, random visits to see the progress, and back and forth on the extras 😇. We’ve been enjoying our home…and made so many great memories already.

Our somewhat long journey together has come to an end…but you’ll forever hold a special place in our hearts. Thank you for being the friendly face of VTC. Please extend our thanks to Rafael, Wendy and Natasha who’ve been nothing short of awesome 🤗”

Gloria Khoza | Rocalla

Dear Rafael Tavares – Thank you for everything 🙏🏿 from day one when we were introduced to you to go through our house and the extras that we needed – your advice from that day till now shows the profession about you. Sometimes we want to add so many things but with people like you to say ‘how about this here or this there’ thanks once again, Rafael. I even call you “Raf” for how friendly you are to your customers. Even when I was frustrated and angry at you, your professionalism and understanding were so amazing, thank you for understanding. We need people like you who understand and are willing to help, God bless you, and thank you for giving me Sophia’s contact details who helped us find a place to rent while our house was being built.

Vusumuzi Ngobese | Rocalla

Hi Rafael – Thank you so much for the time today. I have to say working with you has been an absolute pleasure! Sadly I have worked with construction companies and developers who are very unprofessional, but you and Stef are by far the best. So thanks again for taking time out and being such a pleasure to work with. Thanks again and I look forward to our next meeting. 

Yogan | Bellcanto

Dear Wendy – Thank you for your patience and understanding with us through the snags and lodging process

Even though at times we were frustrated by the delays because we didn’t understand. Your knowledge of the process helped you to remain calm and professional while answering all the questions we had and we appreciate that.

The Ngobese’s  | Rocalla

“I’d like to send my gratitude to the VTC Africa team for the amazing work done on the house. I appreciate and love every single aspect/detail that has been built and perfected by the team.”

Luyanda Tole | Bellcanto

“Wendy – I just want to extend my thanks to you for always assisting and helping out, much appreciated.

Then also can I extend a huge thanks to Natasha Mostert that was assisting me with the last 2 queries that I had. WOW what a pleasure to work with such professional people and always keep open communication that get the job done right 1st time round. What an awesome experience. “

Michael Lombard | Stonemill

 “I want to express my appreciation and to thank you all for the fantastic response and support.”

Herbie Maree | Baliza

“Just thought I must let you know that Richis had been wonderful in helping me with the snags etc. He is a pleasure to deal with.”

Debbie Jones | Rocalla

“Hi Rafael, Thank you for meeting with us today, we appreciate your time.

On behalf of Karl and I, I would like to convey our sincere gratitude for finding an amicable resolution to what was an unfortunate and difficult situation. Our confidence in VTC Africa has been restored. 

We look forward to moving into our dream home!”

Sophia | Bellcanto

“Absolutely love the place, it was worth the wait! The after-sale relationship with Stef is wonderful and very professional. Stef is a dream maker 😊  and delivered on all his promises!, Thank you”

Neshar Madhura | Baliza

“To each member involved in making our dream come true I want to thank you all for taking on this Journey with Helga and myself. I want to go as far as acknowledging VTC Africa as one of the most Professional Company  that I have worked with in my working career. I would also like to extend our gratitude to the Directors of VTC, and  congratulate them for having the best and most professional team in the business.

Well done Team VTC!!!”

Michael Lombard | Stonemill

“It has been quite a journey that we do not regret for one moment.  We are so pleased with the end result and from start to finish VTC has stayed committed in ensuring that our dream becomes their dream. Thank you for always listening and enduring our worry and concerns. Best experience we’ve had with a development project. Thanks again”

Helga and Michael | Stonemill

Me and the Mrs just wanted to say thanks for everything you’ve helped us with during the process of getting our house built , we absolutely love it and couldn’t have asked for more. The place is truly built by perfectionists as one of the VTC/ Baliza reviews say 🙏🏾

Mr & Mrs Kunene | Baliza

“I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for finding us our dream home and also just being patient throughout the whole cumbersome transfer process. I really appreciate all that you did to help us. Stef you are truly one of a kind and I would recommend you to anyone. You are patient and do everything in your power to find solutions and to help. Thanks a million.”

Zwanga Nemanashi | Stonemill

“Thanks a lot for sending Richis out. I have to compliment him and say that he is an absolute pleasure to deal with. Very customer-centric and really a great resource for VTC. He took the time and effort to do a great job. Thanks and appreciate the excellent service.”

Dion Unit 90 | Stonemill

“This is to say THANK YOU to your office for ensuring that the repairs do indeed get done. We would specially like to thank Hunter for his professionalism and tenacity in executing all the repairs in a short space of time, we truly thank him.  We are now happy home owners, THANK YOU.”

Andile | Baliza

“Hi Wendy wonderful news, I really enjoy my new home, the contractors on side helped me so much and Hein is a superstar. Thanks”

Petru Niemand | Stonemill

“Our interesting journey of two years came to an end at the end of January. You can be proud of the fact that you can rise above any situation and deliver the best results no matter the circumstances. The way you handled our requests and inquiries showed resilience, experience, knowledge and kindness. We have no hesitation to recommend you and VTC Africa to our family, friends and colleagues. Well done!”

Gerrie and René Lemmer | Baliza

“Thank you very much for the good news this evening. A very special thanks to Verissimo for coming out and seeing us face to face as well as the arrangements you’ve made to ensure we are sorted and happy. Makes the world of difference and it is appreciated.!”

Lusanda | Baliza

“We would like to express our gratitude towards you and all the VTC staff who made our home so beautiful and for the lovely welcoming gifts! I must say, Beno and I definitely shed a few tears after you guys left, tears of joy!”

Monique & Beno Bala | Baliza

“Hi Wendy and Rafael. Trust that you are both well. Thanks for the warm welcome and continued support in making our first few days here at Stonemill a happy one. We really appreciate the onsite team and their support – especially Heinrich and Juan, including yourselves – who have kindly assisted 😊”

Dion and Sunaina | Stonemill

“Your guys completed the waterproofing at Unit 28 yesterday. This mail is just to say a big “thank you” for assisting us in this matter. We really appreciate your kindness and all you do for us.
Finally, I just want to mention that your Foreman, Juan was a great help and is a true Ambassador for VTC.”

Donald | Stonemill

“Thank you soo much Rafael, Your willingness to assist is appreciated”

Kgomotso T | Baliza

“I’d just like to thank you all and the rest of the VTC team for the amazing service and great workmanship. Not only is the development amazing in every sense of the word, but the after-sales service is phenomenal. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for making our first home buying experience smooth and fulfilling.”

Daniel Mahlayeye | Baliza

“I just want to express my gratitude to Wendy, Jacques and Hunter. Ever since we have moved into our home, each of you have continually supported us with any and all issues which have surfaced. I am truly grateful for all you have done and continue to do, to make our moving experience pleasant.

People are all to quick to complain when things are not done and rarely just say thank you, for your efforts and the small things.

So again, I just want to say thank you and appreciate it, if this is further extended to Hunter.”

Lee-Anne | Baliza

“I would like to thank Verissimo, Rafael, Wendy, Juan, Stephan and many others for the amazing Home you have provided me with, Bev and I am blown away at the commitment from a dedicated professional team that lead to me penning this memo.

We are blown away at the final product and the quality of the build, we are completely satisfied. I wish you all the best success in all your future endeavors and will remain committed to supporting your reputation.

Thank you for everything, we pray God’s blessings on you all. Good building and be safe.”

Herbie Maree | Baliza

“Thanks, Wendy, fantastic news from a satisfied VTC Home Owner. Please express my gratitude to all that supported me.”

Herbie Maree | Baliza

“Good morning Romey, I just wanted to thank you again for all that you have done for us, I will forever be grateful 🙏🏼 you have a really big heart ❤ and I pray that God blesses you with more, I want you to know that I truly appreciate you, always. You have no idea what this means for my hubby and I, you left a mark in our lives🌷🌷🌷”

Michael and Amelda Setsiba | Stonemill

“This unit is absolutely stunning! Thanks so much for the vouchers my wife is speechless… 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾”

Unit 94 | Stonemill

“On behalf of the Elders of The Barn Christian Fellowship, I would like to thank you sincerely for the generous contributions towards our recent building project. You enabled us to do the work at a much-reduced price for which we are very grateful. We trust that through your contribution many lives will be impacted for the Kingdom of God.”

The Barn Christian Fellowship | VTC Africa Developments

“Thank you for being SO AMAZING! 👌🏻😬 We couldn’t be happier!! 😬”

Leeann Naidoo | Baliza

“VTC is a very professional company and well lead well done”

Steven Botha | Baliza

“For information, I was on site this past Sunday and would like to compliment you on addressing the issues and with the work to date, you have one very happy customer”

Herbie Maree | Baliza

“We thank VTC Africa Foundation for their continuous support of Angels Reintegration Centre for Ladies! Without VTC our journey thus far would not have been possible”

ANONYMOUS | VTC Africa Foundation

“Here are angels-in-the-flesh. I am astounded by the love, effort, time, energy, money, experience, humor, balance, integrity, vulnerability, openness, ethics, gratitude, modeling, compassion, humility, grace, dignity, support, patience, empowerment, understanding, intuition, ownership, honesty, spirituality, purpose, power and passion that this duet brings to their line of work. These women show up.

Thank you from the core of my being for helping me meet myself again.
Thank you for keeping a seat for myself and other women at the table. Thank you to my higher power for bringing you two into my world. I love you both, dearly”

ANONYMOUS | VTC Africa Foundation

“Fantastic work that is done here! Focussing not only on healing traumatic pasts but also looking towards active life plans for the future… such as goal setting, a holistic lifestyle and a toolbox of skills to deal with future life problems. Will recommend for all women who are at the end of their ropes.”

ANONYMOUS | VTC Africa Foundation

‘I am a recovery addict, 29 Female. I have been at Angels since December 2018 and I will be celebrating my 1 year clean and sober landmark next week Saturday 28 September 2019. I have never been to any Rehab, this is my first time in secondary care and working a program. I cleaned up in the rooms and through Carmen and Bianca at Angels.

I picked up my first drug at the age of 16 when I dropped out of school got clean for a month or 4 and at the age of 21 my drug problem progressed after my parents got divorced. I moved around a lot, every where I went I picked up. Lost a few jobs cause of stealing money for drugs. The time I didn’t have work I sold my body for drugs. By this time I was confused about myself and myself worth and had no voice, couldn’t identify my emotions and unsure who I am so I tried to be a lesbian stayed with an abusive girl for 1 year and then moved out. Then I moved into a friends house that also used, ended up having a relationship with him and also abusing me. Got pregnant and end up having a abortion.

My drug abuse even more so bad that I tried to commit suicide more than once.
After that I manage to stay clean for 3 years by the help of my High Power and a very good friend of mine.

I ended up relapsing last year 27 September 2018 because of old pattens and behaviour problems didn’t have any hope left in my life.

When I got to Angels, Carmen and Bianca took me under their wings. With the help of them I learned the tools how to stay clean. I learned how to voice what I feel and to notice what I feel. I couldn’t even make eye contact, today I can. The thing that I am most grateful for is they gave me my hope back to live and with the help of them and the people in the house I get to know myself and my self worth.
And the fact that it is a ladies house, I really feel at all time safe.

Today I help other addicts to stay clean. Because I can only keep what I have by giving it away.”

ANONYMOUS | VTC Africa Foundation

“Hi Rafael just wanted to say I really appreciate all you have done for me and Johan so far and appreciate that you were always willing to listen and help. I know it is hectic times for you and you must be emotionally and physically drained. Thank you very very much for everything”

Hettie Engelbrecht | Stonemill

“Good Afternoon Victor, Thank you very much for looking into the faulty plug point in the garage at Unit 28. As always, Venetia and I are thankful to VTC for always helping out”

Donald | Stonemill

“Just a short note to say thank you to VTC for all the “touching up” that was done to Unit 28 this week. I know it was arranged through the Body Corporate and is intended for all the Units in the first phases but I needed to extend my personal gratitude”

Donald | Stonemill

“I would like to thank you for the incredible support you and your team displayed yesterday!
I arrived home yesterday afternoon to discover that the boards had already been attended to…it is not often that one experiences service levels well above expectations and I would like to extend my appreciation for that! THANK YOU!!!”

Nilton Ferreira | Stonemill

“Overall good workmanship and the finishes are eye-catching. A job well done VTC.”

Shakti | Baliza

“I’m already in love with my unit because of the neatness, cleanliness and attention to detail and on top of that, I got roses and a Baliza tray….wow!   Simply loved the experience.”

Jennifer | Baliza

“All is fine at Unit 24…I have nothing to write on the snag list? what must I do…”

Joel Chimwayo | Baliza

“Thanks a Lot for all your hard work in getting this done. Much Appreciated !! THANK YOU”

Santhakumar Arul Raj | Baliza

“Fantastic. Keep up the good work”

Venetia & Donald | VTC Africa Foundation

“Super proud as we are blessed with the opportunity to have purchased into the Stonemill development. It’s heart-warming to know VTC started such a great project (The Angels Reintegration Centre for Ladies).”

Amanda vd Westhuizen | Stonemill

“Hi Verissimo , I visited your show house and I simply LOVE IT!!!!! I’m just so so so Happy that I bought into Baliza. 😊.”

Jennifer Glatter | Baliza

“We visited the show house yesterday and we cannot wait it was more than we expected.”

Sheldon Smith | Baliza

“Thank you all from VTC! You have all been great!”

Clive Borrageiro | Stonemill

“I know the site and in my opinion, there is nothing else that will compare to your offering.”

Ryno Nel | VTC Africa Developments

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for all the assistance and guidance that you have provided to date. It’s been a pleasure dealing with you guys.”

Anil and Marcelle | Villa Sao Pedro

“Thanks for your prompt response and honesty.
I look forward to chatting to yourselves in the new year”

Bianca | Rubico

“I wanted to let you know that your site foreman has been extremely helpful with all my wants and needs. If I phone, he answers or gets back to me almost immediately. I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to him for his kindness and patience.”

Lesley | Bella's Place

“I am very grateful for the support and advice given to me”

George | Karita

“It is a pleasure working with you guys. The most efficient development company I ever came across.”

Margaret Mianowski | Bella's Place

“In between all the moans and groans, I just want to thank you for the lovely home I now own and to wish you all the very best for your next project”

Shelley Van Rooyen | Bella's Place

“On behalf of Nedbank Property Finance we wish to applaud the developments completed with us over the last couple of years. It has only been a pleasure to work with you and the efficiency and proficiency of the management team are commendable.

The quality of the complexes has been outstanding. The comfort that you provide the Bank in terms of low delivery risk, the little supervision required, meeting delivery deadlines and the absence of cost overruns have not gone unnoticed. We regard you as one of our top developers of strategic importance. Thank you for providing homes and not just houses.

We look forward in remaining your partner on all future developments.”

Nedbank | VTC Africa Developments